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Therapeutic Coaching
Helping you deal with life & business, calmly & confidently

Therapeutic Coaching

work with meOur lives are busy. Not enough time, pressures at home and work, the everyday challenges and changes that build up and leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed and low, even though you are someone who is normally confident, capable and strong.

Sometimes you know what’s the cause of your unhappiness, but often people who work with me are not sure exactly what the difficulty is – especially if life seems good on the outside.

Everyone needs to know how to create their own calm confidence, so that’s usually the first step when I work with someone who wants to change how they feel and handle life with confidence with my therapeutic coaching & counselling sessions. You may be here for a number of reasons including:

You may be dealing with a big change in your life – a bereavement, becoming successful, a job loss or change, becoming a parent, getting divorced, or moving to a new area…

It might be dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event in your life, or someone close to you, that brings up loads of questions and seems difficult to get past.

You may want to change an aspect of yourself – the way you think feel or behave. Overcome depression, deal with anxiety,  become more confident or raise your self esteem.

Life changes – those things that happen to us all in life: ageing parents, children leaving home, a big birthday (my 50th was the one that did for me), menopause, retirement, being bored and wanting to get more satisfaction and fulfilment in your life.

Counselling & coaching are the ideal way to treat yourself to an experience that is powerful, fast acting and gives long lasting results.

“My experience of Linda has also meant laughter, connection, sharing. The atmosphere has been relaxed, the relationship one of equals. I have never felt judged, but always accepted, and in the company of someone positive, wise and supportive.”

“You can deal with everyday life and cope with changes calmly and confidently, once you are clear and understand what is getting in your way.”

Linda Barbour

Ready To Work With Me?

You can work with me in a number of different ways to suit you, your time and your budget. We can discuss the best option for you when we speak.

 Individual sessions – £75 per hour

Book 4 or more – £70 per session.

An intensive half day for fast results £750

Come to Stowmarket or we can use the telephone, or zoom to work via video link. 

What Is Therapeutic Coaching?

Therapeutic Coaching is a powerful blend of coaching and counselling that works quickly to deal with short term problems, such as life changes – divorce, bereavement, redundancy, new parenthood etc and also resolves long term deep seated issues such as depression, trauma, anxiety, panic attacks, low self esteem, relationship difficulties etc. Counselling is brilliant at recognising and interrupting old patterns ( we don’t need to dwell too long here) and coaching is about finding solutions, moving forward and taking action. When they are used together they have an amazing effect – like the saying, they become ‘more than the sum of their parts’.

How Does It Work?

When you know the underlying cause of how you are feeling, identify your old limiting beliefs and stop the critical voice in your head, then everything makes sense and becomes clear.