Change2Relationships are the area of our life that cause the most joy and fulfilment and also the most unhappiness and pain. ……and the most significant relationship is the one you have with yourself!!! We often spend a lot of time, money and energy trying to improve our relationships with other people, but until you change your relationship with yourself you will keep creating the same old patterns in your life, be stuck and unable to make positive changes.

low self esteem

When you transform the way you feel about yourself  you can have deeper and more satisfying relationships with other people.

If you:

Are constantly unfavourably comparing yourself with other people

  • Feel like a failure
  • Think you don’t deserve to happy or successful
  • Don’t really believe that other people like you
  • Constantly have to prove yourself
  • Allow other people to take advantage – or even abuse or bully you
  • Feel unsure of yourself

………………you suffer from low self esteem. As low self esteem is something we have learnt, it is possible to teach yourself to value yourself and be happy.  Use our simple, yet powerful system to change how you feel about yourself and transform your life. If you are fed up feeling; Guilty- unimportant – unhappy – ignored – unfulfilled – anxious then choose now to transform how you feel about yourself.


If you are:

Neglected – you learn that you have no worth

Abused – you learn that you are not important

Criticised – you learn that you are not good enough.

What happens is that even if the people around you no longer neglect, abuse or criticise you, you will continue to do it for yourself.

Linda can help you learn how to:

  • Trust your own judgement and make choices that are best for you without feeling guilty about what other people think
  • Stop worrying about what happened in the past, or what might happen in the future
  • Feel confident to take risks and able to cope with ‘failure’
  • Consider yourself as good and as important as everyone else
  • Stop feeling self conscious, selfish and inferior

Can you imagine how fantastic that would be?