relationshipsRelationships are the most fantastically wonderful experiences of our lives and also the most difficult and painful.

Whether it is at work or at home, we can often feel let down, resentful and anxious around people. We can lose a sense of ourselves as we get caught up in trying to please other people and make them happy.

As much as you may want someone to change, you don’t have that power – none of us do.

All you can do is become aware of the effect that someone has on you, why that is and then make a choice about how you want to be different with them.

By understanding and regulating your own emotions, learning new skills, and being clear with other people you can change your relationships significantly. You will feel better about yourself and other people, as well as feeling that you can confidently cope with anyone!!

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If you want to stop repeating the same old patterns and change how you think, feel and act then the simple, easy to use and effective one step at a time programme is for you.

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