caravan 089Burn out is becoming increasingly common as people work in more demanding and fast changing environments.

New technology, different working arrangements, self employment, challenging targets, less autonomy,  threats of redundancy and less people in an organisation mean that people work for more hours than ever before and find it very difficult to switch off their gadgets…. and their minds.

Caring for elderly relatives, bringing up children and trying to maintain your most important relationships all add to the stresses of everyday life.

Burn out is a tricky combination of anxiety and depression. Your body and mind have been running on adrenaline for a long time and you simply don’t know how to stop and relax without becoming very low or depressed. To avoid becoming unable to function you continue pushing and pressuring yourself to keep going.

It is like having 2 speeds. Full ahead or Stop. Somewhere inside you feel that if you stop you will crash, or there will be other undesirable outcomes you want to avoid, so you keep going until your body says “ENOUGH” and collapses!

Find some gears, slow down and start to make time to take care of yourself physically.

Teach your body to slow down – it has forgotten how to.

Slow down your breathing and all your actions – walk, drive, cook, clean – do everything a bit more slowly and trigger your bodies natural relaxant.

Eat regularly and avoid sugar and caffeine, do some exercise – or at least move your body around, learn to relax and develop a good bedtime routine to improve your sleep.

If you are not burnt out yet, but recognise, the warning signs – make a decision NOW! Get the information, tools and support that will stop things from getting worse and the inevitable physical or mental ‘breakdown’ happens.

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