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Hi, thinking about working with me?

You might be feeling lost, overwhelmed and scared but you know that you need to move forward.

You know that you need to do something, you’re just not sure what…or you know what you need to do….. but somehow, never quite manage to do it.


Let me ask…


Ever worked with a therapeutic coach before?

Firstly, Therapeutic Coaching isn’t like other talking therapies. It is a powerful mix of psychotherapy and coaching that creates quick and long lasting change to the way you feel about yourself and other people, the way you think and the things that you do and – more importantly sometimes – don’t do.   

Psychotherapy is really good at identifying your old patterns, those thoughts, feelings and beliefs that belong in the past and get in the way now. We won’t be going over and over the past – except to discover the root of your issue and get rid of those negative emotions, limiting self beliefs and inner conflicts that make you feel overwhelmed or keep you stuck.

Once these are untangled, you feel free and clear and can move forwards quickly.

By using your knowledge and experience, along with up to date, powerful, effective tools and techniques we can make permanent changes fast.

Once you are clear and calm, in control and confident, on the inside – anything you want can begin to happen for you!

We’ll be starting where you are right now and will always be focussed on moving forward.


You are resourceful and smart


I am sure you have tried any number of ways to change the way you feel in yourself and about your relationships and the circumstances you find yourself in now.

If you have been going round and round in circles for months, or even years, and are still stuck – it is SO frustrating and becomes soul destroying, as you probably already know.

We will start by getting you out of your own way, identify your strengths and build your resources – using whatever already works and then building in more tools so you can change the way you feel about yourself and make the big or small changes you need to live the life you really want.


You can work with me in a number of different ways to suit you, your time, your preferred learning style and your budget.

Coaching is an emotional and financial investment to yourself, and it’s important that you’re ready to make that investment in yourself and your future now.


If you and I haven’t met yet, you can check me out below!

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