Work matters.

Whether you are self employed, building a business, or working for a company or organisation, not only do you get rewarded financially, but you have a purpose and meaning to your days and feel a sense of achievement that builds your self confidence and self esteem.

Your colleagues become friends and your customers and clients make you feel appreciated and valued when you share your skills, knowledge and experience with them and they pay you in return. You feel that you matter, build your self esteem and self confidence.

Work can also generate a lot of stress, undermine your confidence and crush your self esteem.

Difficult relationships with colleagues, constant change, demanding or even bullying bosses, financial and workload pressures all contribute to feeling stressed at work. Sometimes you need to move jobs or change your career, but developing your personal skills (find a checklist and take the test here) resilience, being able to manage change, being assertive, your ability to manage stress, confidence levels and emotional intelligence are all just as important to your success at work as those technical skills you have developed.

Developing these personal skills mean that you can deal with those challenging times and difficult people and the changes at work become less threatening and easier to deal with.

Mujer escalando en roca Having a good work/life balance, being able to create and develop effective professional relationships, along with those personal skills mentioned above are widely accepted as the most important factors in whether or not you develop and progress, fulfill your potential and simply just enjoy being at work.

When you feel able to cope with the normal ups and downs and more demanding issues at work, you feel empowered and can approach current and future challenges with calmness and confidence.

The good news is that these personal, emotional, skills can be learned, just like the other intellectual, technical or practical skills you have achieved.

Building and maintaining your emotional health takes a bit of effort, just like building and improving your physical health. It is a rewarding and even fun and definitely adds to your overall enjoyment of life at work and at home.

If you want a fast results and long lasting benefits consider investing in one to one sessions where the focus is always on you and the  the specific areas you want to address and improve.

Long lasting results don’t have to take long to achieve. If you’re open to change and ready to get started, a free, 60 minute private Clarity Call with me will leave you energised, motivated. Clear about how you can be more effective and happier at work a reality.

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.
Carl Jung