Just wanted to thank you so much for the work we have done together over the last few weeks Linda. You have really helped me begin the process of getting my life back but, to be honest,it’s more than back. My life is more real now, and happier, than ever. I truly mean that. Thank you. It is huge Linda – my life broke badly but now it’s coming back together again.

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS – Dip Bio-energy (MD in USA) – International speaker and author

When I embarked on the Overcome Depression program I didn’t know if this would have any benefit for me as I have never suffered from clinical depression. However, I soon realised that Linda was extending the term ‘depression’ to also mean depression of your feelings. Now we all do that in various situations and I was amazed at just how much I was able to uncover through this online coaching program. Through the gentle and present coaching Linda provides, I was able to feel safe in working through emotions that I never even knew needed uncovering. This program has been a revelation for me and I thoroughly recommend it.

CJ – Chief Executive

I came to realise that despite being on anti-depressants, time off work and pills weren’t actually going to help me cope with the problems, they were all still there and ongoing.  I was therefore referred to Linda via Occupational Health and my employer.  She helped me find ways to take a step back when necessary to enable me to think things through calmly and reassured me that what I was feeling was normal given the problems I was facing, and what I needed were strategies to help me cope.  With Linda’s help I was eventually able to come off the pills and return to work.  I know now how to recognise the signs if things start building up again and I know what I need to do.

I sought counselling to deal with a diagnosis of anxiety/depression in combination with prescribed anti-depressants.  I found Linda’s approach to be practical, pragmatic with clear outcomes.  There was a welcome lack of psycho-babble and my confidence in my ability to deal with irrational thinking patterns was hugely boosted by Linda.  I am now recovering and enjoying an easier life.

While I’ve been in the field of counselling and coaching for a long time, it was only when I came across Linda’s superb programme that I really began to understand about depression at a much deeper level.  Many of us – myself included – have learnt such great coping mechanisms that enable us to “get through life with a smile on our face” that little do we realise that all we’ve succeeded in doing is suppress our emotions.  While we can go on like this for years – at some point, we face “burn out”.  And that’s what’s very, very nearly happened to me.  Already, my immune system was playing up – three colds in three months followed by a nasty bout of flu a month later – coupled with a complete lack of energy, focus and joy.  I was very fortunate to come across Linda’s online programme just when I needed it – and working with her on a one-to-one basis paid massive dividends too.

Linda calls herself a “Common Sense Counsellor” – and that’s exactly what she is.  No mumbo jumbo – just understanding guidance, a helpful perspective and a delightful sense of humour.  What I came to understand is that the “coping behaviours” we learnt as children may have been the best strategy at the time – but until they’re understood and replaced with the right behaviours for us as adults, we’re never able to live to our full potential.   In hindsight, I can now see that I have actually suffered from mild depression most of my life – supressing my feelings in a bid to make a living and be “normal”.   It was when Linda pointed out that “depression often strikes the strongest, ‘successful’ people” that the penny dropped. I’d done all I could to be “strong and successful” – and yet my body was paying the price. And it wasn’t just my body.  I’d also managed to cut off most of my feelings – which meant that life had started to become increasingly “grey”.

Olivia Stefanino, Author, “Be Your Own Guru – personal and business enlightenment in just 3 days!”

When I first undertook Linda’s programme, I have to admit that I didn’t have any idea what impact it would have on me.  But fast forward three months – and I’m now happier than I’ve ever been, I’m sleeping better and wonderfully, the few extra pounds that I’ve been carrying for years have also started to shift! It would seem that I just don’t need that “protection” any more.  I really do believe that if I hadn’t been lucky enough to come across Linda’s programme when I did, I was on a path to a breakdown of some kind.  People around me are noticing how much happier and vibrant I am now – and of course, when we’re happy, the people around us are happier too.  And intriguingly, as I’ve started to feel so much freer, my passion for my business has reignited too – with the result that lots of fabulous, creative ideas are coming through AND I’m attracting more new clients!  But I do have one complaint.  This programme should have been available years ago!

M.W – Bury St Edmunds

I attended 6 sessions of counselling and learnt how anxiety affects the body, so when I had chest pains it wasn’t a heart attack (two journeys to hospital for ECG’s, anxiety levels through the roof) panic attacks, sleepiness and being lethargic was all due to being anxious

The coping strategies I learnt helped to understand mental illness and my body and the way it works.  I am now able to control my anxiety and work more methodically. I have general wellbeing about myself and sleep soundly each night, my concentration has returned and I am enjoying reading novels which aids my relaxation. I would recommend this professional confidential service to anyone.

I knew that it would be difficult facing my deep-rooted problems.  At the beginning of my sessions there were many tears but with Linda’s help and patience I began to understand myself more.  Slowly, without realising it, that heavy black cloud over me had gone and I could begin to look forward.

H.T – Stowmarket

I was bullied at work by a close work colleague.  The hurt and betrayal I felt and lack of support from my employer culminated in feelings of total devastation which affected the whole of my life not just my work environment.  Prior to this I was always a person who was perfectly able to cope with every eventuality in life, never requiring support from anyone.  Counselling was totally new to me.  I had no idea of how it worked or if it would be of any help to me.

What counselling did for me was to explain that the acute anxiety and stress I was suffering from was a typical response to what I had been through and Linda gave me plenty of advice on how I could manage these symptoms effectively.  She helped me through feelings of total despair and refused to let me take the blame for something I played no part in when I resorted to self blame for my predicament.  Sadly there is no magic wand that can undo what has been done to me.  Linda made me face up to the fact that certain aspects of my working environment are beyond my control and that a bully is unlikely to change their behaviour or my employer unlikely to provide me with more protection.

What counselling has done is to leave me much better equipped to deal with this, and to face what lies ahead.

Jim Cross

A combination of life’s problems, stress and grief were manifesting themselves in anger.

The counselling sessions were very effective.  With Linda’s help I was able to work out what was the trigger point of my anger as well as work back to source.  While doing this I was always comfortable, indeed relaxed and confident in Linda’s approach and in the direction and speed at which we discussed things.

I have come away from our sessions feeling a very much better person than the one that started.  I am comfortable in myself and my ability to tackle the problems that life throws at me.  I will however want to keep in touch with Linda as the feeling of having a safety net is wonderful when things do get a little challenging.  It was an experience that I am glad I have had and it has and will continue to enhance not only my life, but my family’s lives too.

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