Linda will provide you with guidance, information and support to help you solve the emotional problems you face in your life at the moment. I want to help you move on faster with more motivation, understanding and tools that may help.

The packages on this website are intended as step by step ‘how to’ self help therapeutic coaching.

They are designed to compliment and not replace the relationship between you and your therapist, doctor or other mental health practitioner.

Please use your own good judgement and common sense when taking any action based on my ideas.

Linda Barbour can take no responsibility for any adverse reactions or consequences you may experience as a result of using any of our services.

As stipulated by law and sound ethics I cannot make any guarantees about the results you will attain by implementing the ideas, tools, information and strategies.

The on line tests on this website do not constitute medical diagnosis, advice or treatment. They are considered to be for your information only.

Never ignore medical or other professional advice because of something you may have read on this website.

• Linda does not provide an emergency service.

• Please do not use this website if you are under 18, feeling severely depressed or suicidal.

• You should contact other emergency, medical, or face to face help as a matter of urgency.

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