SelfHelpTop sports men and women, CEO’s and other people at the top their professions know the important part psychologists, coaches and other therapists, play in improving and maintaining optimal performance and overcoming the challenges that life throws your way.

It is such a joy for me to hear more and more successful people share their emotional struggles more openly. Successful people suffer from depression, stress and struggle with their self confidence like the rest of us.

So why is that the rest of us, can find asking for and receiving support so difficult?

Why is getting help – particularly psychological support – seen by most of us, as ‘failing’ or ‘weakness’ or a sign that there ‘is something WRONG with me?’

What many top sports people, professionals  and business owners recognise is that you need to pay attention their their emotional wellbeing and in particular learn how to stay healthy and positive by using stress management techniques and tools regularly. (GET YOUR INSTANT CALMERS HERE).

They  balance work with relaxation and down time to achieve and maintain high levels of performance and to build the confidence they need to succeed.

Successful people know that:

–    Some adrenaline is essential. It helps them focus and enhances their performance significantly

–    Too much adrenaline means that ‘monkey brain’ is in charge and calm, tactical thinking will disappear.

–    When adrenaline levels are too high muscles become tense and movement becomes restricted, your brain is affected and you are forgetful, too reactive or become stuck and freeze.

–    Relaxation allows their mind and body to process and assimilate the knowledge and experience they have …….. before they move on to the next phase of their schedule.

I too want to perform at my best, but I want to do that every day, not just at major championships, in large arena’s or the boardroom. I want to show up to my clients and be excellent at my profession. I want to be an excellent mother and wife, friend and colleague.

Mental wellbeing determines your mindset and is essential for you to deal positively with the challenges that life will throw your way.

If you want to perform at your best, copy successful people who are showing all of us how important it is for you to take maintain a healthy mind as well as a healthy body.

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