Take the stress test.

Goldberg Anxiety Scale

(as used by medical professionals)

In the last month have you:

Felt keyed up or on edge?

Been worrying a lot?

Been irritable?

Had difficulty relaxing?

Sleeping poorly?

Headaches or neck aches?

Had any of the following: trembling, tingling, dizzy spells, sweating, urinary frequency or diarrhoea?

Have you been worried about your health?

Had difficulty in falling asleep?

Interpretation of the Stress Test

Score 1 point for each yes. Most people have some of these symptoms (the average number of symptoms experienced by adults is 4) The higher the score it is more likely that your daily life is being affected by your anxiety levels.

About 12% of adults get a score of 8 or more on this scale. If you have a high score you need to do something NOW!

Please don’t keep struggling or wait until you get physically or mentally ill before you do something to control your anxiety.

Many people wait and think that when life has calmed down, or the situation they are dealing with has been resolved THEN they will feel better. Unfortunately, by then, your body has forgotten how to work without your foot flat down on the accelerator and it becomes impossible to relax and enjoy the calm and happy times.

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