3 Steps To Change Your Self Belief Worksheet


3 Steps To Change Your Beliefs


“What you believe, you see…..and achieve”




Step 1. Awareness

your behaviour is a reflection of your beliefs. You can discover your beliefs by observing your behaviour.

For example:

What are you likely to say and/or do if you believe the following?


Things generally don’t work work out for me?




Things generally work out for me?



People like me




People don’t like me




It is not ok to ask for what you want




It is ok to ask for what you want




Now write down one way that you behave that you want to change, and state the underlying belief behind it.




Step 2 Challenge



To change a belief you have to prove it, and yourself, to be wrong.


Look for evidence to disprove your belief rather than looking to prove your belief.


e.g. Take the belief you stated above or use “I will never be good enough” as this is one that is commonly held.


  • notice the times other people say you are good enough, give you a compliment or positive feedback and take it on board.


  • notice all the things you do that are good enough and write them down in a daily TA DAH! list.
  • instead of having affirmations or positive self talk, ask yourself powerful questions…

Why is …what I want…. True in my life now?

Why am I …..

Why did I ……

Why do I have…….

Why do I love…….

Your brain will find the answers.

Step 3  Change

…where the magic begins‼!

Set yourself a goal and write it down.


What beliefs would you need to hold in order to achieve that?


What belief/s would stop you from achieving this?



What belief/s that you hold do you need to change?



How will you find the proof you need to change your beliefs?



Who can help you?



Notice when you do something different and enjoy the ride‼


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