“I found Linda intuitive, engaging, professional and confident. I enjoyed our work together, she was generous with her knowledge and motivational towards me. She is skilled at achieving outcomes and making progress where required”. Fiona Bowden

Using a range of skills, approaches and her experience she shows business owners and professionals how to make changes, in their personal and business lives, calmly and confidently.

Her focus is on developing a clear and positive mindset and feeling good about yourself, so you can achieve whatever you want without your negative emotions, limiting beliefs and inner conflicts from getting in the way.

It is not always changes that we think are ‘bad’ that trouble us. When you get used to doing things a certain way it can be just as difficult to adjust to the ‘good times’.

If life is ‘happening to you’, at the moment, or you are feeling confused about what to do about a particular situation in your life, being able to find that calm, confident place inside is the key to taking control and moving on in life.

As you feel better about yourself, your relationships with other people and more importantly with yourself will be transformed.

As a Therapeutic Coach I blend psychotherapeutic skills with solution focussed coaching tools along with a good dollop of common sense for effective and long lasting results.

Therapeutic Coaching (a blend of Psychotherapy and Coaching) is fantastic at recognising and interrupting old patterns of behaviour and replacing them with new and better ways to succeed in your professional or private life.

Linda’s extensive knowledge and experience will help you to focus on AND RESOLVE the underlying issue and remove the blocks so you can develop a positive, clear and calm mindset, be self confident, boost your self esteem, develop resiiience, deal with depression and as you improve your relationship with yourself watch the relationships around you change and improve.

Linda’s focus is on giving people the clarity, confidence and calmness needed along with up to date quick and effective, tools, techniques and resources to make life easier and happier.

“Linda provides a trustworthy, supportive and professional service. She is great at establishing what needs addressing, ways to move on and the tools to do so with a wealth of knowledge, wide variety of resources and different techniques. And above all Linda is personable, caring and easy to talk to!” Lillia