You are constantly bombarded by messages showing you all kinds of ways that you can improve and grow and get yourself into shape and overhaul your personal and business life.

Advertising, marketing and social media are seductive. Planting the idea that if only you were thinner, drove a different car, wore the right clothes, different in some way, you would be happy and have and exciting,  ideal life.

Self development and growth, reflecting and learning new skills are important, but we often do this from a place of feeling ‘not enough’, ‘less than’ or out of fear.

And you can end up feeling worse – that you are a failure and there is something wrong with you, or you are not ‘good enough’ because you are not perfect and living this self disciplined, blissful successful life.

There is a really good saying – ‘compare and despair’.

Learning to accept yourself as you are, to stop constantly criticising and berating yourself for not being like someone else, is the way to  be at peace with yourself and find happiness.

Knowing that you are unique and bring your own gifts to the world – that it is ok to simply be you, and stop believing that you need to do or be something more to make yourself more valuable or worthy.

Understand that we are all on our own journey’s through life and that it is your business to follow your own path.

Being yourself is one of those things that is simple but not easy. Learning how to be happy in your own skin is something you need to learn and practise. Knowing how to be kind to yourself and value yourself as you are is a skill.

So imagine what it would be like if there was nothing wrong with you?

If you could grow and make changes to your life without having to feel negative, judgemental or anxious about yourself?

To feel good about yourself and be able to make changes from a positive place?

Getting out of your own way is the key to happiness and making long lasting changes and living life with purpose and integrity.


  • Don’t put yourself under pressure to be perfect. Strive for excellence instead.
  • Stop thinking that you will be able to be happy and relaxed when I have achieved this, that or the other. You can only feel happy now. Don’t put it off until the cupboards are tidy or the house is clean, you have lost weight, got fit, have a clear desk or full diary.
  • Do not confuse self esteem with status, that more is always better and that constant improvement is the Holy Grail.
  • Stop comparing yourself to an ideal or falling short of other people’s expectations. Focus on what you want and can do wherever you are right now.
  • You may not achieve all the things you set out to do. We all achieve some and not others – life happens, and you are only human after all! Acknowledge your successes and what you do achieve….all the time.

Make NOW the time that you learn to like and accept yourself and stop feeling that you have to be better at anything at all. 

Once you get all your judgement and self criticism out of the way you will be amazed at the progress you make in your life….. and how much happier you will be.

Now there’s a challenge for you!!