How does it take to deal with panic attacks and severe anxiety? Not very long – when you get rid of the cause of the anxiety and allow your body to ‘reset’ itself and heal.

New scientifically proven techniques work to clear your system, and along with coaching, you have the tools and build the confidence you need to stop the debilitating effects of anxiety and stress from controlling your life and put you in charge once more.

However long you have been suffering and however ingrained the anxiety feels it is entirely possible to change and enjoy a more peaceful and calm life.

There is light at the end of tunnel

Once you have discovered and dealt with the underlying causes of your anxiety, those horrible symptoms of stress that make your days so difficult, affect your  health, work and family life, will go away.

The constant butterflies in your stomach, the tension and pain in your muscles, the whirring thoughts in your mind, mean that you can’t just switch off, be yourself and enjoy life, can be controlled much more easily as soon as you really understand what is triggering them.

Finding the cause and dealing with that, is like turning off the fuel supply to those ‘worry feelings’.

When you are stuck in the never ending spiral of worry it seems impossible, you can’t see anyway out, but once you have switched off the fuel supply everything changes and quickly.

The way you think, how you feel and what you choose to do will all be affected as the stress hormones drop in your system. You feel more confident to make decisions and able to follow through on them as you get stronger and see more clearly what is actually going on underneath.

Trudi’s Story

I started work with a successful career woman who was suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks. We quickly identified the cause of her anxiety  – a traumatic experience – that she had dismissed as just something that she couldn’t do anything about, so had to forget it and move on – along with a build up of lots of smaller worries, left her feeling constantly anxious.

She had been unable to work effectively, leave her children, drive with them in the car, take them out on her own or drive on the dual carriageway for the last 5 months.

As you can imagine her everyday life was  quite severely affected  and her anxiety was still getting worse and the panic attacks were becoming more frequent.

This is the email I had from her outlining her surprise at the changes that she had noticed after only two weeks!!!

“ I must say that it’s early days but I feel calmer and was able to take the kids out yesterday on my own and last night myself and my husband had a date night for the first time in 9 months. Not once did I feel anxious.

I have immersed myself in other things, surprisingly not so much art, but just giving myself a break. So watching TV (haven’t done that in ages) and making nice dinners.  Just having fun with my children has helped too.

It has also helped to know that I’m not in ‘control’ of my anxiety – once I realised that actually if it’s going to happen I can ‘stop it’ in its tracks… guess what? I’ve had one episode since I’ve seen you – they were happening all the time”.

Trudi completed my 3 month ‘Changemaker’ Programme and has never looked back. As the issues  fuelling her anxiety had been cut off and she  became calmer and more confident and she saw very clearly what she needed to change in her life and her career took off in a completely different direction!

Get rid of anxiety and panic attacks – deal with the cause, not the symptoms.

Challenge me…give me a call on 07795311354, or email me and book a 40 minute Clarity Call where we can identify the cause of your anxiety and leave with a tool to help you feel better quickly.