Intensive Clarity Day

Take time away from everyday ‘busyness’ and join me for a treat!  Get real results and make changes that last – long after you leave.

“Linda has a very unique way of working, which has enabled me to find ways of living my life more calmly, with less anxiety and terror and with more confidence than I ever thought possible after just one day”.

What to Expect

Long lasting results don’t have to take long to achieve. If you’re open to change and ready to make the most of this time in your life, a private Intensive Clarity Day with me will leave you energised, motivated and clear about how to make ‘Your Midlife Reinvention’ ‘ a reality.

No interruptions or distractions. Our day is all about you. Lunch and refreshments are all taken care of whilst you and I get busy changing the way you think and feel and get rid of those underlying limiting beliefs you have. 

Consider what you’ll do with me to be a crash course on everything you need to know for you to:

Be Clear

Get rid of the clutter and clear your mind for new ways of thinking, feeling and doing.  

Negative Feelings

Eliminate negative feelings and inner conflicts  that are getting in your way.

Lasting Results

By using up up to date techniques you make deep and long lasting changes that remain long after the day ends.

Self Esteem

Give your self esteem a boost by getting rid of those underlying negative beliefs you hold.

Sound too Good to be True?

I have more than 20 years of helping thousands of people make calm and deep, long lasting transformations to their lives in a short space of time. By using my extensive knowledge, techniques and experience, I know that once we know that we are a good ‘fit’ for each other, I can make deep and long-lasting changes by working with you, from the inside out.

Start to Thrive

This is not just a self-help superficial ‘think happy thoughts, be grateful and all will be well’….I am committed to making sure that you get yourself and your internal blocks out of the way, once and for all. Once the way you think and feel and what you believe have been changed you cannot help but live your life differently. You CAN stop just coping and surviving and REALLY start to thrive.

Imagine that?

What’s Included?

We’ll start with a 90 minute telephone session before we meet so we can hit the ground running (or maybe just walking around the parkland) on the day.

A 4-hour in-person VIP Day in a beautiful, luxurious hotel, just outside Bury St Edmunds or at Lavenham in Suffolk. (If you are too far away or don’t want to travel, please let me know and we can make alternative arrangements).

Discover and Eliminate

Discover and eliminate the underlying blocks that are keeping you stuck

Intensive Solution

Intensive solution, focused approach

'Focus on Me' Blueprint

Take away your ‘Focus on Me’ blueprint, detailing your next steps and tailored to your specific business and/or personal goals

Eliminate Negative Emotions

Practice the practical tools and techniques you’ll take away and use every day to get rid of negative emotions, limiting self-beliefs and inner conflicts

Support Material

Comprehensive support material

Follow-up Session

A follow-up 60 minute telephone or Skype session

Gorgeous Lunch

Gorgeous lunch, drinks and snacks all included

All for £997