Less Stress Means More Success

80% of success is due to psychology – mindset, beliefs and emotions– and only 20% is due to strategy – the specific steps needed to accomplish a result” Tony Robbins

If you want to be, and feel, successful, one of the most important factors is to consider is how you manage the stress that goes with being self employed. Being stressed affects everything. The way you think, what you believe, the way you feel and what you do.

Even if your business is successful, when you are stressed you don’t feel successful on the inside, or enjoy the fruits of your hard work, because you can’t relax.

You lose your confidence as you can’t think clearly and struggle to make decisions, you feel stuck or overwhelmed and do not deal with problems effectively.

You are probably one of the many people I hear say things like “when I have sorted out this problem (insert your own) …then I will be able to relax”. But that day when you are going to relax never seems to arrive…….

Being your own boss is undoubtedly rewarding, and you also  have the same needs and more challenges, than people in larger organisations, but without the same level of personal or business support. This makes it easy for the everyday worries to build up and before you know it, you become stressed.

  • There is a lot of pressure on you. The sheer amount of work and range of tasks you need to do – dealing with your accounts, all the admin, IT, marketing, sales, and even the cleaning……before you even get to doing the bit you really enjoy – providing a service to your customers.
  • It is difficult to switch off and take time out of your business. Managing feast or famine takes it toll, and the ups and downs are exhausting.
  • People who do not run their own businesses do not understand the challenges you face. They think that being self employed means taking time off when you want and don’t see the early mornings and late nights. They forget that you don’t get sick pay, a pension or paid holidays. You cannot confide too much in your employees or always share with colleagues, so it can be difficult to talk to people and for the stress to build up inside.
  • We all  pick up other people’s moods and when you are with someone who is feeling stressed. you pick it up, which is why no one likes being around people who are stressed.
  • Your anxious mood will get picked up by the people around you, and you stop enjoying your work and over time stress will undoubtedly affect your business relationships, your bottom line, but more importantly your loved ones.

If you don’t deal with stress everyday, it will build up and affect the health of your business.

When you are stressed your body is producing stress hormones including cortisol and adrenaline.

These hormones have wide ranging  effects on your physical health, and stop you from being able to relax and sleep properly.

More worryingly for business owners, they also affect you mentally as the hormones shut down the connections into the rational, logical part of your brain and you literally cannot think straight! You become emotional, forgetful, get brain fog and have difficulty concentrating, planning, being creative and making rational decisions.

Over to you:

Many business owners I know are focused more on the other people in their business. – clients, customers, suppliers, affiliates,colleagues, staff – and neglect themselves – even though your own health and well being has been scientifically proven, over and over again, to be the most important ingredient to your business success.

  • learn to learn to identify your early signs of stress and take steps to tackle anxiety regularly, in small chunks, rather than waiting for  stress to accumulate and become overwhelming – and then become much more difficult to deal with.My  ‘On The Go Instant Calmers’ are designed to help you to do this.
  • identify and tackle the underlying causes of your stress. We are all different and we all get anxious about different things.
  • running your own business is a marathon, not a sprint, Pace yourself
  • practise relaxation techniques
  • improve your diet and cut back on smoking, alcohol and caffeine consumption because they feed the anxiety that leads to stress
  • do regular exercise. It burns off the excess adrenaline
  • get support if you are struggling. Don’t wait until you are ill, your partner wants to leave you or you are completely burnt out and exhausted.
  • make sure you take holidays and find a reasonable work life balance

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