sea small opening We all have times when we feel low and down. It is normal and increasingly common.

We are not taught about depression – what it is, how we get depressed, what we can do to prevent and recover from this unpleasant and destructive state, and yet depression is becoming  epidemic  in  developed economies.

By 2020, the World Health Organisation has predicted that depression will be the leading cause of inability to work.

Sometimes you know what is affecting you and sometimes you just seem to wake up in a negative mood for no apparent reason, however, prolonging the time spent in these depressed states can have a hugely detrimental impact on your life.

Your work, relationships with friends and family as well as your health can suffer hugely. If you think you might be depressed take the test here

Very often people who go to their doctor suffering with depression will have no idea where it comes from.  One of the first steps to recovery and preventing the repetitive, relentless cycle of depression is understanding the cause of your low mood.

The First Step to Feeling More Positive – Understand Depression

Depression is not a feeling, but it describes what you do with your feelings – you depress and suppress feelings to the point where you do not feel much at all.

Depression is not sadness, but it is emptiness.

When you are depressed you feel flat, that life is pointless and it is impossible to motivate yourself. A life without feelings does not have any purpose, joy or meaning. It is getting up and going through the motions. It is coping and surviving. Getting on with it and forcing yourself to do things.

Being Overwhelmed

The most common reason for depressing feelings is because they are overwhelming.

Often depression follows a big life change. Having a baby, a bereavement, getting married, moving house, end of a relationship, children leaving home etc.

Emotions such as anxiety, hurt, sadness, loss, fear, anger, frustration etc. are very strong and make you feel out of control. So depression can be a useful way for you to want to get back in control – especially if you have work to do or a family to look after.

We learn to hide these powerful  feelings  (depressing them) from ourselves and other people, particularly when they seem to be inconvenient, unacceptable or shameful.

It is very difficult to get out of this state without help and support. By its very nature, depression makes it hard to do anything by yourself.

The First Step – Connection 

Start by doing things where you can connect to something outside of you and your feelings safely. You will have something or somewhere that works for you. ( None of us can do anything perfectly -even depression). It might be spending time with a pet, being in nature, enjoying music or art. Often a spiritual practice or mindfulness can be safe places to start.


clarity session

If you would like some help with this book your free Clarity Call with Linda where we can explore the best place for you to start to change your mood without becoming overwhelmed.