It is difficult not to be stressed about Christmas.  The stress of trying to please lots of different people – organising days with family and friends, buying the ‘right’ presents, all the little details to remember to buy for the stockings, teachers and the step child of your nephew who is coming to visit, planning meals, (how much cranberry sauce and stuffing do 18 people eat?), the cleaning, changing beds, putting up decorations, wondering what outfit to wear for each the social activities, writing and sending cards (when are the last posting dates?), on top of all the day to day work and …………..well  ‘stuff’!

So how can you be less stressed over Christmas?

Self Care

In among all of this activity, the Christmas you want can be lost in a blur of making sure that everyone else is okay and you are fitting in with what everyone else seems to want to do.

Self care is probably not very high on your list. and yet this is the time when you need it most.
In the past I have been guilty of getting to Christmas day, exhausted and fed up with the whole thing or, stressed and grumpy and spoil other people’s day as I am feeling so resentful.

The cliches are true – you do have to put on your own oxygen mask before you can take care of anyone else, you can’t give anything from an empty bowl.

how to be less stressed over Christmas

Self care is not the same as being selfish. It is really, really, important for your own physical and emotional health and for the wellbeing of people around you at work and home.

 Find The Balance

When you are feeling resentful, that means you are giving more than you are receiving.
You either need to give less, or, make sure you give yourself more (if you can’t get more from the people around you at the moment).

Learn to receive. Ask people to help. And accept that they will not do things how you want them. You can be your own worst enemies and set other people up to fail when you ask for help and then take the job away from them because ‘they don’t do it properly’ or criticise them for not being the same as you.

Give less.Take the pressure off and stop trying to please everyone. It isn’t usually possible and you can end up turrning yourself inside out for someone who is never going to be happy with what you do in any case.It is up to other people whether they enjoy Christmas or appreciate your efforts. Read the How To Worry Less About What Other People Think blog

Gift yourself some me time.. Treat yourself to a spa day, go for a walk in the countryside, watch films or go to an exhibition. Give yourself an experience that you find rejeuvenating and relaxing. If you can’t make time before Christmas, book something for the New Year or take small regular amounts of time out of the Christmas melee everyday to stop your stress levels accumulating until you burst.

Set yourself up for a calm and happy Christmas.
and book your FREE no obligation 40 minute Clarity Call. Discover the ways that you can have a calm Christmas that you enjoy whatever evryone else is doing. 
The benefits will last way beyond the holidays. Stand by to be amazed at what you can achieve in a short amount of time.