“Linda provides a trustworthy, supportive and professional service. She is great at establishing what needs addressing, ways to move on and the tools to do so with a wealth of knowledge, wide variety of resources and different techniques. And above all Linda is personable, caring and easy to talk to!” 

We are your Professional Coaching Consultancy, here to challenge, support and find solutions for you in your business.

Whether it is learning techniques to deal with stress, building your confidence, or keeping you clear and focused, we give you the direction and tools you need to enjoy and grow your business.


Helping Business Owners

Calm For Change was formed to provide a dynamic, cutting edge, service to forward thinking small business owners.

You have the same needs and more challenges, than people in larger organisations, but without the same level of personal or business support.

Without this support you can get stressed, feel isolated and stop enjoying your business and life.


Happiness First

Most people assume the same formula: if you work hard, you will become successful, and once you become successful, then you’ll be happy. The only problem is that a decade of cutting-edge research in the field of positive psychology has proven that this formula is backwards.

Success does not beget happiness. It is happiness that actually fuels success and performance.

Why? Because when we are happier and more positive, we are more engaged, creative, resilient to stress, and productive.


Supporting Growth

Our aim is for you and your business to thrive. We enable you to have a positive mindset, a good work- life balance and get rid of limiting beliefs and unhelpful thoughts, so you can achieve what you want more easily and quickly.

Your business can only grow as far as you do. Performance Coaching is proven to give you the clarity and focus you need to be motivated, purposeful and get the results you want.


40 Minute Free Clarity Call

If you want to feel, and be, more happy and successful, book a free 40 minute Clarity session.
Contact me today and arrange a time to talk.
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 About Us

We all want to be happy and successful. By using our 20 plus years of experience and a combination of groundbreaking skills and approaches, we are committed to helping you to achieve, and maintain, happiness and success. Practical skills are not enough. People need to change from the inside to make lasting and meaningful changes in their lives. Led by Linda Barbour, our results show that by getting to the root cause of your ‘blocks’ and helping you to overcome them, you can achieve the most extraordinary success quickly. Described as ‘life changing’, ‘caring’ and ‘gets amazing results’ by her clients, Linda is committed to making changes that last. Working with individuals and groups in small  businesses, we teaches a range of simple to use strategies and tools and share our knowledge and experience in a professional, effective and fun ways.

How Can We Help?

Positive Mindset Get those limiting beliefs and unhelpful thought patterns out of the way to feel and do differently. Less Stress Practical, effective tools so you can manage and minimise your stress in real time. Build Confidence Ignite your self belief and engage your strengths to build your confidence and get out of your uncomfortable comfort zone. Direction Setting Set challenging and achievable goals that contribute to your business and personal objectives. Confident Communication Developing your interpersonal skills make your (difficult) conversations with staff, colleagues and your customers easier and more effective. Improve Performance Learn to use key tools that contribute to your personal and business success. Work Life Balance Balance the conflicting demands on your time and make sure your business enhances your life and doesn’t drain you.

Performance Coaching and You

Flexibility to Suit You and Your Business

Performance Coaching for Business Owners  is designed for to make sure that you get maximum results in a short space of time.

Choose the Quick Start VIP Day if you are someone who wants to get a quick start improved personal growth and performance. Choose the Silver Retainer Service if you prefer ongoing support to  make sure that negative emotions, inner conflict and those limiting beliefs are dealt with along the way to you reaching your goals. Choose the Gold Retainer Service to get the best of both worlds – a VIP Day followed by 3 months of challenge and support. QUICK START VIP DAY Long lasting results don’t have to take long to achieve. If you’re open and ready to change, my private VIP Experience will leave you energised, motivated and clear about how to make the changes you want a reality. 1 hour pre individual consultation so we hit the ground running 4 hours on the day. 1 hour post individual performance coaching session time. Access to online courses and workshops. £695 SILVER RETAINER SERVICE Challenge, support and guidance tailored to meet your needs. 3 month tailored personal performance coaching Access to online courses and workshops. £995 GOLD RETAINER SERVICE QUICK START VIP DAY AND 3 MONTHS ONGOING SUPPORT £1395 ADDITIONAL SERVICES Start Up We can provide you with the direction and confidence you need to start and grow your own business to keep you focussed, clear and calm and stop the overwhelm.   Workshops One and a half hour workshops designed around the needs of your business: Less Stress More Success, Confident Communication, Time for Me, 7 Hacks to A Positive Mindset, and Introduction to Coaching Skills. “Linda has a very calming effect on me and helps me put my thoughts and feelings into order. She gives me tools to help me reflect on my state of mind which have helped me make decisions and plan ahead”.  I was a little apprehensive to begin with yet I am so glad I made the call. You use simple, effective, down to earth language that I could feel and understand. Your warmth, kindness, intuitive gentleness of challenge, and enquiry, enabled me to focus, lessen my confusion and express myself” “As part of my employee engagement programme for 2016, I was keen to provide a training session around stress management. Our roles in telemarketing can be quite demanding when we undertake numerous calls with either little successful outcome, or when we encounter rude and challenging individuals. Linda’s presentation around stress, stress management and remaining calm to achieve confidence in ourselves and our roles was professionally delivered and well received by all attendees. We all agreed that we had learnt some valuable tools which would implement immediately. I thoroughly recommend Linda Barbour, and her  programme for both teams and individuals who feel that stress is impacting on their work and personal lives”.