Can Therapeutic Coaching Help Me?

Sorry to fall back on that old therapists trick, but, the most important question is one for you.  Ask yourself this – ‘do I want to change?’. If you do, then I can help.

Acknowledging that you feel stuck or unhappy in some way and need to do something different to make changes in your life is the first and most significant factor in your success. You will be pleased to know this means that you are more than half way there.

However I do not have a magic wand and it is your commitment to doing things differently alongside support, knowledge and experience of what does and doesn’t work that will lead to your success.

Who is not suitable for Therapeutic Coaching?

This approach is not for you if:

You are suffering from a severe or acute mental health problem.

You want to carry on doing the same things in the same way.

You are not interested in focusing and changing yourself – you will never make your husband/children/mother/father/colleague/friend/ boss change, though they will almost certainly respond to you differently, if you are different with them.

How quickly can I expect benefits?

Most people experience meaningful benefits from their first session. Because Linda has so much experience and knowledge she is good at identifying and focusing on the underlying cause of your difficulties so you get quick results and give you the most relevant and effective tools to work with your symptoms.

What benefits can I expect?

In the short term you can expect some immediate benefits. More clarity, understanding and confidence as you learn more about yourself and how to do things differently.

In the longer term, life will still happen.  As you develop your awareness and more resources, you will naturally do things differently and go into your old patterns much less often. You will know how to get out of the stuck and unhappy places more quickly.

How has this approach been developed?

Over 20 years of successful in depth clinical experience, using up to date knowledge and research and a strong professional commitment to working quickly and effectively has lead  to the development of this approach.

What are the advantages of online counselling?

Following a proven ‘system’ or ‘formula’ – you can achieve the results you want quickly, easily and safely.

Convenience and Flexibility– Working online means that you are able to receive benefit from working with Linda wherever you are

Accessibility – working online will be hugely beneficial for you if you are:

    • A Carer who is unable to take a break from your responsibilities even for a short time.
    • A parent with childcare responsibilities.
    • Working and travelling frequently and too busy to commit to regular face to face appointments.
    • Living in remote areas
    • Housebound or have other disabilities

Is online counselling effective?

There is mounting scientific evidence to suggest that the outcomes achieved by working online is at least equal, and often better than that of face to face counselling.

What if I start to feel worse?

Linda’s intention is to help you feel better by helping you to understand, feel and express your feelings SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY.

The methods Linda uses have been used to great benefit with many people and are designed with your emotional security in mind.

Emotions become problematic when they are overwhelming. The main focus of this approach is to help you to identify and regulate your feelings in a healthy way without being overwhelmed.

However, do please use your own good judgment. Check out any concerns with Linda or get appropriate support from another professional.


Linda Barbour reserves the right to refuse or stop working with you if I am concerned or there are any contra-indications.  Any payments made will be refunded under these circumstances.

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I’ve got some feedback for you.  How’s the best way of letting you know?

We welcome your feedback. Please feel free to contact us via our email address.