woman-hands-holding-baubleChristmas can be a particularly difficult time – emotionally and practically.

It’s easy to put yourself under immense pressure to create the “perfect” Christmas for your family and visitors and forget about yourself and what you want.

If you’re already working long hours, finding it hard to get enough sleep or to find time to relax, all that build-up to Christmas preparations can put your body and mind under immense pressure.

When you feel exhausted or overwhelmed, it’s very easy to become frazzled or ill.

When you focus on keeping other people happy all the time it can be incredibly draining.  Spending time with people you care about then ceases to be ‘fun’ and becomes a resentful chore and you don’t enjoy your holiday either. It is possible to find a balance so that Christmas is enjoyable for you and other people as well.

Here’s the thing……

Most of us have soon forgotten the details of each Christmas (except I’ll never forget when our dog ate the turkey!).  What details do you remember and what feelings do they evoke?

Hopefully, you’ll recall some happy moments  – but you probably won’t recall many details.

If that internal critical voice (in your own head) is telling you that, of only things are “perfect”, no one will be unhappy, or disapprove of you, or that it will stop you thinking about other issues troubling you, it’s time to act.

Make this the first time you really have your own Christmas – whatever you want it to be. Whether that’s the messy “Whoops I forgot the bread sauce” kind of Christmas.  Or the quiet, no- fuss, blissful solitude, kind.

Embrace Change

Perhaps a change in the festive routine is being forced on you as your circumstances have changed. If so, it’s an opportunity to create new traditions. Think about what’s important about Christmas to you – what does it represent?

Is it a time to:

  • Be with loved ones? Get friends together for a night out or festive afternoon.
  • Be creative? Build in craft time. Have a go at some craft you’ve always wanted to try on your own.
  • Rest? Take advantage of time away from work to look after your own needs. Create your own spa at home with a book, bath and bubbly, or do something else just for you. It’s a cliché but you are worth it, and your needs matter as much as everyone else’s.
  • Play? Do something fun, that you get to pick.  

If you want to take a small amount of time for yourself and explore how you make the most of your Christmas – book your free coaching call here: https://meetme.so/LindaBarbour 

The benefits will last way beyond the holidays. Stand by to be amazed at what you can achieve in a small amount of time.