Instant Calmers I am here to remind you that changing your life and how you feel about yourself is possible, whatever your situation, however hopeless, stuck or worried you feel.

For the first 30 years of my life I was the strong, driven person that kept going and kept going, however I felt and whatever I was dealing with.

Pushing myself, physically and mentally, having a successful career, and a busy social life.

Making sure that everyone else was happy was my biggest worry. With 50+ staff, hundreds of customers, directors, not to mention friends and family this was a huge challenge.

I was very independent and self sufficient. I didn’t ask for help and certainly didn’t get it. I didn’t believe that anyone could or would be able to support me.

Eventually  I got ill with ME and and my body forced me to stop and rethink everything.

I am still that strong person, but I have learned that I don’t have to do everything myself, I am still independent, but know how to ask for and get the help I need, when I need it.

I do a job I love, that doesn’t stress me, and work with the most fantastic people everyday.

I am able to listen to and value myself and take care of my family and friends at the same time.

I can recognise – and know how to change those old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve me and keep me stuck.

I Can Help

When your comfort zone becomes so uncomfortable that you can’t stand it any more I can help you override you mind’s natural reluctance to change anything and show you how to challenge yourself safely and successfully.

Good News

Linda BarbourThe good news is that there are solutions.  I can help you cope with change happening in your life to a point where you’re actually completely calm about it.

I’ve spent my entire working life helping people to manage change (and most of it not change they wanted either). From business owners and senior managers, to people managing addictions and even offenders, I know what change looks like in many different situations. I also know how to bring in calm. Change is something you can look forward to and enjoy (even if you can’t even imagine that right now, know that it’s possible).

If You:

Feel overwhelmed, have ‘had enough’ and struggle to relax, you keep hoping that life will calm down and then you will feel better.

Are strong and capable, take on too much and are the ‘go to’ person when something needs sorting out.

Keep finding out that something else come along that you have to deal with, and the calm time where you can relax never seems to arrive.

You can’t see any way to make changes to your situation, and so just carry on.

Are constantly busy, feel resentful or know you are heading for a crash………….

I Can Help – click here to find out how

Change is Challenging

They say that life only throws you what you can deal with – I don’t think that is true. All of us need help and support when something, or several things, happen that mean big changes and the usual ways you have of coping stop working very well.

You may be bereaved, have lost your job, separated from your partner, or struggling to cope with illness, an accident or other trauma. Any one of these is hard enough to cope with, let alone what usually happens – a combination of things one after the other.

 Life taking over?

It can seem like the rug has been pulled out from under you and you feel out of control. You need a bit of time and space to recover, find your feet and take control of your life.

If you are finding it difficult to make decisions or are feeling unsure of yourself it’s a clear sign you need to get calm.

No confidence?

A lack of confidence can make your life very difficult. So instead of enjoying life and feeling fulfilled you put everyone else first and your time never seems to come round. You probably get very swayed by what other people think and don’t want to upset anyone.

When you’re irritable or angry, a bit flat or even depressed, anxious or lonely, none of which is ‘bad’, just symptoms connected with change.


When you are calm you are in control of your emotions. I know from my experience that being able to stay calm, whatever is going on around you will mean you can better deal with any situation in life.

However there isn’t one method that works for everyone, in every situation. Giving you essential information, an understanding of why you think, feel and behave as you do and finding the right ‘tools’ for you means that you create a solid foundation to grow from.


We are born confident and then lose it at school, at work or in our relationships with friends and family. I know from my personal and professional life how important it is to find that wise and resourceful part of you inside that ’just knows.’

When you are feeling confident you can deal with anything in life. You see things more clearly, and your options open up. Making decisions becomes easier and you are likely to get much better results from this confident calm place.


We are programmed to find change scary, and you get stuck with one part of you wanting to make changes and the other part panicking and saying ‘NO, NO, NO’. ‘What about this?’ ‘What if that happens?’


Being happy and fulfilled is what gives your life meaning and purpose. All of us have that nagging critical voice telling us everything we haven’t done, or should have done, making us feel miserable. It is hard to deal with this on your own as it becomes so familiar that you don’t even recognise it any more. I am good at spotting it and putting it back in it’s place where it can work for you and not against you.

You can benefit from my experience, training and practical knowledge of what works quickly and effectively.

Work with the cause not the symptom

Even deep seated, long term problems have been quickly overcome by being able to identify and work with the cause and not just the symptom.

Stay focussed

Focussing on the real problem and not going off at a tangent, means you get results quickly and do not keep on opening up more and more boxes and have more and more problems to deal with.

Therapeutic Coaching

Counselling is excellent at recognising and interrupting old patterns and beliefs. Coaching is excellent at looking forward and taking action. The combination means I am simultaneously undoing the unhelpful old ‘stuff’ and replacing it with new useful ways of thinking, feeling and behaving so the results you get will be permanent.

It is easy to be relaxed on a beach in Barbados, or on a spa day, but when you work with me, you get all the information and tools you need to stay cool, calm and collected in your everyday life.

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