It is never too late, but, if you don’t take enough time to focus on yourself and what you want – as well as actually making it happen – you will be in the same place next year as you are today.

The annoying thing about cliches is that they are mostly true. We do ‘regret the things that we don’t do’ and ‘time does fly’.

Are you frustrated that another year has flown by and you still haven’t made the changes you wanted to –  get fitter, feel more confident, start a business, take up a hobby, enjoy life more…………?


feel overwhelmed by the scale of the changes you want to make

or don’t really know what changes you want to make



as a result you have ended up not much further forward than you were this time last year.

Let’s make the next 3 months different. You can start to make the changes you want to achieve and put yourself on track to live the lifestyle you really want quickly.

Good intentions don’t work…..

…..and you will never get where you want to without making space to focus on yourself.

It is really easy to say ‘when this “contract/decorating/ the children’s exams are over/ my mum has had her op/ Christmas/birthday/holiday is over” then I will….. “make the time for me to focus on myself”…but guess what…….

………….that time never seems to arrive because something else comes along and your time doesn’t ever happen.

To reclaim yourself you need to take some time out. Do this is small manageable chunks.

Take 30 minutes NOW, answer these 3 powerful questions and get yourself on track for a happy and successful New Year.

Write your answers down and keep them somewhere you see them regularly. This will keep you motivated and ensure that you  MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY.


  1. What do I want?

You may want a new relationship, a new job or business?

Get rid of old baggage and feel in control, calm and confident, less resentful, stuck or frustrated?

Balance your needs against those of other people and do something just for you?


  1. Why do I want it?

The ‘why’ you want something is more important than ‘how’ you will achieve it.

Why is this important to me? Who else is this important for? What will the cost be to me, and others, if I don’t make these changes?



  1. How will I get there?

What is the first thing I need to do in order to get from where I am to where I want to be?


This might mean making regular time for yourself, getting support from your partner, how will you make yourself accountable, getting rid of limiting self beliefs, negative emotiions or unhelpful habits.

Then what is the next thing?

And so on until you have outlined your map for getting to wherever it is you want to go.

And once you get started……..

….Celebrate Your Successes

Make sure you celebrate each and every step you take towards your final destination – however small or insignificant it may seem.

Notice your achievements and FEEL the pleasure.Write you ‘TA DAH’ list at the end of every day, tell someone, reward yourself, say ‘good job’ to yourself and think of all the ways that you show your appreciation to .

someone else and do it for yourself.

It will keep you motivated and still that voice in your head that always expects more and more and more and more……

Want some more help to make changes to how you feel towards yourself?

Book a free 50 minute Clarity Call and make those big, or small changes that will create a quiet revolution in your life.

‘I wanted to say thanks very much for your time and the helpful conversation, which has kickstarted all kinds of thoughts (all helpful and positive!) about what changes I need to make in myself and my own ways of communicating/doing things, in order to improve how I feel about doing the things that need doing. You vocalised things I’ve thought but probably never said out loud’

Helen, Suffolk May 2018